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[artes] Layout . Scene-It!

New year, new layout. I made this one for my own journal because I wanted a facelift; it's a mainly-dark theme with a lot of bright accents all over the place.

style . expressive, mixit (s2)
preview . click the image above.
works with . paid/permanent, basic, plus
use layout's style sheet(s) . no
comment pages . yes
ad compatibility . all placements
resolution compatibility . 1024x768 and above
installation help . check here

css and more information: Tested in FF3 and IE7. Custom comment/entry pages, custom images (user, community, feeds, news, anonymous, OpenID, RSS/Atom links) are included.

Please make sure to set this only as a two-column layout. It's not set up to work as a three-column.

Regarding journal titles and subtitles, I'm sorry to say that the layout is set to hide them. This is because of the method of displaying the header, as well as because the intention is really to have a customized header image with the title written into that (well, it's also because originally I was going to keep it as a personal layout because I wasn't sure how it'd turn out, and then I liked it and decided to share). The header image is located here, and is 800x225px. The "Image Section" of it is 580x215px, and the dots along the right side will fit to most one-word links you might come up with for your navigation links. If you want to paint over where it says "Go Roaming," the background color is #383838. Accent colors are #d30483 (pink), #01c9cb (blue), #9dcc17 (green), and #fcbc34 (orange). (If you're wondering about the font that I used there, it's called "advent," and I used varying letter-spacing and a 2pt line spacing, staggering the letters between the two lines, then titled the text to the angle it's at).

Tags: !!artes, !layouts: expressive, !layouts: mixit
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