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And echo ever more.

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create; This is the shared creative outlet of artes and solerika. Generally, if it's some form of graphics work, artwork, writing... it gets posted here, for general consumption and (hopefully) enjoyment. Please feel free to watch, to comment, to share with your friends... we don't bite (hard), and we'll always welcome you.♥

Josie (artes); I've got a horrible habit of taking forever to finish what I start, usually because I end up deciding I hate it, scrap the whole thing, and start anew. I've been trying to change this, I really, really have. A majority of what I do lately has to do with Tales of... when it comes to any graphics or writing, although I'll also throw in stuff from some other fandoms, as well. Layout work that I do is generally standard, color-based stuff, and I'm always more than willing to answer questions if anyone needs help with placements for anything. My old writing is... well, none-too-visible lately. I'm planning on rewriting parts of it, and others will get posted up when I manage to get more written on them. However, any older graphics or layouts can be found at my personal journal.
I dabble in...
Icons and Other Graphics
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Sol (solerika);

affiliates; vasilissa
We're always open to friendly affiliates, so feel free to drop a line if you'd like to be added in.♥